Detatchable Utility Kitchen Scissors

There are 4 different styles to choose from and this item also includes a free cover. We will also be upgrading each cover to a more accessible magnetic cover absolutely free of charge for a limited time only

ATTENTION: Due to overwhelming demand, we have already sold out of the green/yellow color! We're terribly sorry for this inconvenience!

This is literally the most useful pair of kitchen scissors in the world! This simple pair of scissors can replace a handful of kitchen tools that you would have had otherwise, saving you time, space, and accessibility so you can have it all in one simple pair of scissors. It only weighs 0.3 pounds and it is able to replace many of your kitchen tools that you have or may need.

Multi-Purpose All-In-One Functionality

One of the blades features a peeling tool so you can easily peel fruits and vegetables without the hassle. There is also a built-in coring tool so you can make holes in fruits and vegetables with ease, or use it to open cans.

The handles have built-in nut cracking so you can easily crack shells and crab legs. That same cracking tool also works great for opening up hard to open bottles.

There's a curved blade angle on the inside of the scissors so you can snip off extremely hard to snip surfaces, as well as polish and sharpen other knives. There is also a built-in beer bottle opener, for opening that well deserved beer after prepping amazing meals.

Extremely Sharp For Any Occasion

It's able to cut through hard surfaces such as shells and bones, while also being able to precisely slice through soft materials such as meats and vegetables.

It features dual utility blades. The inner sides of both blades are made for cutting through a wide variety of surfaces. However, the other sides of each of the blades have different purposes, with one blade extremely sharp for slicing, and the other perfectly ribbed side for scaling fishes. 

It uses a thick sturdy plate and is extremely well made so you can use this daily, and it has an ergonomic rubber handle for comfortable use, whether you're using the knife or scissors. 

Easily Detatchable To Become Two Knives

It's easily detatchable so you can turn your scissors into two knives for additional uses around the kitchen. A simple click and lock system allows you to interchange between scissors and knives whenever you want in seconds.


Whatever you need this for, you can be sure that this tool is special and unique and will make your cooking experience much better and significantly easier. You'll no longer have to look for different tools and need tens of devices for different activities in the kitchen. Now they can all be done from this one simple but fully loaded pair of scissors!