The Levitating Music Orb

This flying music ball is the ultimate cutting edge contemporary bluetooth speaker. It lights up and glows beautifully and plays crystal clear HD audio. It makes the perfect decoration and will be sure to impress any family and friends!

It connects wirelessly via bluetooth and has lighting effects that are exquisite like no other. The music ball charges WIRELESSLY using the latest technology and it has a USB cable for you to use this as a perfect desk speaker. 

It uses cutting edge magnetic levitating technology for a futuristic experience. It literally floats ON NOTHING but air! Created with science at the highest tiers of manufacturing, and it's premium build and finish is unparalled in terms of quality. Nothing is more unique and special than this.

NOTE: This is a rare generic product. Our team of sourcers have worked extremely hard to find a manufacturer willing to make this to our standards. Unfortunately, we only have a double digit quantity available from select manufacturers. Currently available in 2 colors. 

Bluetooth Version: CSRA 4.0


Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 32 Meters 

Speaker Power: 3W

Output Power: 6W

Frequency Response: 150 Hz – 18000 Hz

Sensitivity: > 80 dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Model: CDKJ-007

Battery: 3.7V

Weight: .5 Lb for the Orb, and 1.5 Lb for the base

Dimensions: Orb has a 3.5 Inch Diameter and Base has a 6 Inch diameter with a 1.4 Inch Height