Easy Wring Double Sided Mop

Would you like to mop without having to manually waste your time and energy wringing it out every few strokes? 

Would you like to be able to wipe corners, hard to reach spots, and be able to clean up anything you want, whenever you want? 

Ready for a lightweight and versatile mop that'll turn mopping from a chore into a less of a chore? 

Ready for the future? 

This mop has a 360 rotating mop head to help you clean any corner you want. It features a fully portable telescoping handle and is ergonomic with a double-sided cleaning head for full rotation and access to ANY dirty spot. When you're done using up one side, this extremely lightweight mop can be simply flipped over for double the cleaning, and easily wrung out with wringer so your hands don't have to get dirty whatsoever!

The mop can stand upright in storage or fold away to save space. It has a bouncing mechanism built-in for easy mopping. It uses a washable and reusable microfiber pad, which can be washed over and over for over a thousand uses! It works excellent on any surface, including laminate, marble, tile, and wood!

You get a BONUS microfiber pad from us with every order, so you'll get 2 total!!!