Drain Declogger (2 Variations)

Uses the power of compressed air to clean out the tough clogs in your drains in seconds. 

Clears away tough obstructions without using harsh chemicals, environmental protection.

Provides fast unblocking of toilet, bathtubs, shower, sink, blocked pipes and more.

Safe and easy to use. Just pull the trigger, the clog is gone instantly.

Comes with 4 sized plugs, you can deal with different blockages caused by different sorts of rubbish.

Model Number: KCT528XTT
Cup Material: PP
Style: Flexible
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Cleaning Tool
Number/set: 5
Feature: Efficient, Eco-friendly,Easy Cleaning
Application: Toilet,Bathtub, Kitchen Sewer, Bathroom Pipe
Style: Air Powered
Energy: About 12 Times Atmosphere Pressure
Open Size: 58*8 cm
Close Size: 41*8 cm
Packaging Size: 35*30*10 cm