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The Aurora™ Lamp Speaker

Unfortunately, we are sold out of the black color. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


The Aurora Lamp Speaker has a powerful 10W sound woofer that allows you to listen to high definition crystal clear audio.  It has built-in bluetooth technology so you can connect your speaker with any compatible device including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Need to charge your phone? No problem. The Aurora Lamp Speaker also has a high capacity 4400mAh lithium ion battery that can play music and charge your other devices at the same time.

The speaker has many light functions including warm white light, 7 captivating colors with the ability to vary their degree of brightness and contrast, and multiple color changing patterns that are automatic, beautiful, and tranquil. Play colors in a continuous loop or use the built-in touch sensor to pick your favorite color. You can also set the lights to a relaxing dim sleeping light, a nice warm reading light, and even a mosquito repellent light and SOS blinking light. Whether you’re out camping, with your friends partying and having a good time, or just at home relaxing… the Aurora Lamp Speaker is perfect for any situation.

Take the speaker with you anywhere you go. It’s lightweight and portable - weighing only one and a half pounds and coming in at approximately 5.75 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide. The Aurora Lamp Speaker is manufactured with high quality materials and engineered with the consumer in mind, and is finished with gold matte and faux leather texture on top.


Color Lighting: Switch to any 7 captivating colors and multi colors.
Sleeping Light: Fall asleep easily with dim warm white light. Automatically turns off 15 minutes later.
Reading Light: Get some reading done before you go to sleep with a warm white light. Brightness can be adjusted
Mosquito Repellent Light: Keep mosquito away with bright yellow light.
SOS Light: In case of emergency, switch to SOS light and it will repeatedly flash white and red.  

Input: DC5V 100mA
Battery: 4400mAh
Charging Time: 2.5-4hrs
Full Frequency Horn: 3”4 12W 77Hz-20KHz
SNR: >85db
Lighting Power: 3W
Speaker Power: 10W
Item Size: 99 x 199mm
Weight: 1.4 pounds (650g)
Includes: Speaker, Charging Cable, Silicone Stand, Manual


The Aurora™ Lamp Speaker is not sold in stores.