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The CamCover (3 Pack)


Why Care About Your Webcam Privacy?


This is the CamCover. Simply paste it on your laptop or phone camera to enjoy full privacy in knowing that no hacker or government entity can watch you without your knowledge. 

It's universal for desktop monitors with webcams, laptop webcams, tablet webcams, and phone cameras. All you have to do is remove the 3M tape cover on the back and stick it over your camera.

It has a slider so you can easily access your camera whenever you need to. When you're done, slide the slider back over your camera for full privacy and enjoy 100% peace of mind. It's a must have for yourself, your family, and your friends - they'll thank you later!

This product comes in packs of 3! 

Length: 1.85 cm
Width: 0.9 cm
Thickness: 0.1 cm