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The PartyPill Bluetooth Speaker

The PartyPill Bluetooth speaker is an insanely loud speaker that doubles as a party light and utility lamp!

It features a top of the line crystal clear high definition sound system that comes equipped with a whopping 3” inch, 12 Watt, bass speaker on one side to complement the speaker on the other side. It supports wireless Bluetooth, a USB cable input, or an AUX cable. It plays music for over 12 hours per charge with its massive 4400 mAh built-in rechargeable battery.

It works great as a party light and also as a lamp, perfect for your desk, nightstand, or bedside. There are numerous color modes on the lights for you to choose from. For example, you can have it in rainbow mode, have it change colors with the music spectrum, use the integrated mosquito-repellent light, or it’s SOS lighting function, and so much more… plus you have the ability to adjust how dim each light mode gets for full customization and personalization! It looks great, but it’ll sound even better… guaranteed.

A free silicone stand is provided with your purchase for your convenience.