Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This microphone uses bluetooth to connect wirelessly to any audio playing device. It connects with various speakers and devices with microphone inputs for a crisp clear karaoke experience with an excellent sound quality. It can also connect via the cables provided for a non wireless experience, making it suitable for any microphone compatible device.

High Output Audio Quality

It features professional treble, bass, and volume adjustment so you can get your voice sounding just right. It uses a powerful adjustable echo reverberation effect to provide an even better sounding vocal effect at your discretion.

It's high quality and built with a three noise reduction processing, allowing you to effectively highlight your voice. The distortion is less than 0.5%, effectively reducing the loss of sound quality.

Convenient and Ideal

It's perfect for use with bluetooth speakers with microphone inputs, while at the same time great for recording songs into your phone so you can share them with your friends later.

It uses a 1800 mAh battery to provide you over 6 hours of singing, whether it be by smart phone app or karaoke. 

Technical Specifications

Style: Handheld Wireless Microphone Amplifier Speaker
Linking Method: Bluetooth 4
Applications: Karaoke microphone
Pickup: Capacitor
Output power: 5w
Frequency range: 100Hz 10khz
Maximum sound pressure level: 115 dB 1khz
Total harmonic distortion: less than 1%
Reverb mode: Echo-reverb
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh (lithium)
Material: Aluminium + ABS

Package Includes: 1 Microphone, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Micro USB to audio cable, 1 User Manual